City Clerk


Welcome to the Clerk’s page for the City of Livonia. The Clerk’s Office is a primary point of contact for the public and strives to provide the highest quality of service to the community.  The Clerk is an elected position that serves the community in many and varied ways, a sample of which can be found below. 

The City Clerk provides the following services:

  • Process and issues various permits and business licenses
  • Issue animal licenses
  • Issue Dog Park passes
  • Process all documents relative to City for Ordinances, resolutions and actions taken by City Council
  • Certify birth and death records filed in the City of Livonia
  • Oversee and administer all federal, state and local elections
  • Register new voters and new residents
  • Approve receipts and expenditures of the City
  • Administer required Oaths of Office
  • Publish and post notices as required by City Ordinance and law
  • Provide notary services
  • Process waiver use and rezoning petitions for review by the Planning Department
  • Maintain permanent records, documents and Ordinances of the City of Livonia
  • Handle mail distribution and postage for all City offices and departments

The City Clerk acts as the clerk to the City Council, taking in all materials to appear on Council Agendas and keeping a permanent record of City Council proceedings. The City Clerk's Office also maintains a permanent copy of all board and commission proceedings.

Payment Methods

The City Clerk's Office now accepts credit and debit card payments in person.

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