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City General - Tuesday, Nov. 7

  • Mail and Online Registration Closes: Monday, Oct. 23
  • In-Person Registration: Tuesday, Oct. 24-Tuesday, Nov. 7 (must have proof of residency)

Where Your Precinct Is

View a full-size map of voting precincts. You can zoom in and find your home. Use the information button and find your precinct information. If you have questions about which precinct you are in, please contact the City Clerk’s Office.

View a list of the voting precincts (PDF).


In 2020, the State of Michigan began offering an option for voters who are blind or others with severe disabilities to vote in private and independently.  Voters can request an accessible ballot which allows them to mark documents on an electronic device, using their own assistive technology, without having to travel to a polling location or to the Clerk’s Office.  Voters with print disabilities may apply for an accessible electronic absent voter ballot that can be completed electronically, printed, and returned to the Clerk’s Office.  This accessible ballot is for people with disabilities only.

If you require an accessible ballot for voters with disabilities, apply online for an accessible electronic absent voter ballot.

Please contact the Clerk’s Office at (734) 466-2235 if you should have any questions or concerns.

Use of "Sharpies" to mark ballots didn't spoil votes

Livonia City Clerk Susan Nash indicates that the use of Sharpies to mark ballots did not spoil any votes.

In fact, the use of quick-dry sharpies at Livonia precincts was recommended by the company that provided our tabulators, Dominion Voting Systems. The sharpies were used at the precincts. If there had been any issues with bleeding through on the ballot or spoiling a ballot, that ballot would have been rejected when the voter fed it into the tabulator, letting the voter know immediately.