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Posted on: July 8, 2020

Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan replies to billboard accusation

Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan

“Some of you may have seen reports of a billboard claiming Racial Profiling happens in Livonia.

No matter what you have heard, this is not accurate.

We will NOT tolerate racial profiling; nor will we tolerate racism in Livonia.

Here is what we are doing: We are continuing to listen, to respond to requests for information and to make improvements.

For example, in response to the George Floyd murder, I reconstituted the Livonia Human Relations Commission, providing them with a new vision and new appointees dedicated to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in our community.

Less than two weeks ago, Livonia hosted the first Partnership for Progress Listening Session where we had frank conversations about race and law enforcement in our region. It was sponsored by the Western Wayne NAACP and the Conference of Western Wayne.

The group that put out this billboard is called Livonia Citizens Caring about Black Lives. Previously, our police department cooperated with their leaders on a peaceful march with 2,000 participants on the City campus. In addition, our police have been working with them to provide the information they have requested. We had also invited them to meet with the Human Relations Commission.

Unfortunately, I believe this billboard message is totally counterproductive to our efforts to ensure Livonia is “a welcoming place for all” – a goal that this group and I share. This billboard may advance division. It most certainly will not advance progress – something I am very committed to do.

Having just knocked on tens of thousands of doors last year during my campaign, I know that Livonia is more diverse than it was 10 years ago, which is a sign of progress.  It is also a signal that more people feel safe and welcome in Livonia.

This billboard will not define us. We are proud of our Livonia Police Department – their training, integrity, and dedication.

However, we can always improve. So, I look forward to continuing to engage with the community and to make progress on issues of racial justice.”

See Mayor Brosnan’s statement

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