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1. Who is eligible for the vaccine?
2. Do I have to make an appointment for my second dose?
3. What time slots are available?
4. Who is administering the vaccines?
5. What vaccine is being administered?
6. What do I need to sign up?
7. How do I sign up?
8. What do I do if I need technical support using the online sign-up process?
9. What do I need to bring to my appointment?
10. How much does this cost/do I need to provide insurance information?
11. I cannot secure a ride to the vaccine site – what are my options?
12. What are common side effects of the Pfizer vaccine?
13. There are no available appointments – what should I do?
14. I am not a Livonia resident – how can I be vaccinated?
15. I recently received another shot or vaccination (shingles booster, etc.), can I be vaccinated at this site?