Basketball Game

5v5 adult Basketball league

Livonia Parks and Recreation is offering a 5v5 Adult Basketball League for the Spring 2021 season. 

The season will tentatively start the week of April 14 and teams are guaranteed a nine-week schedule with a chance to qualify for a playoff bracket. All games are played on Wednesday nights at the Kirksey Recreation Center Main Gym 2. 

Registration Information

covid-19 guidelines

  1. Prior to participating, each player and official will complete a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to playing in the game and check-in with a photo ID and must be listed on the team’s roster. 
    1. If a participant demonstrates any symptoms or answers yes to any of the screening questions, they will not be allowed at the event. 
    2. Referees for the night are also required to take their temperature and complete the questionnaire. 
  2. The game ball will be sanitized between games and is provided by Livonia Parks and Recreation. 
  3. Payment of referees must be in $30/team/game exactly. No change shall be made. 
  4. No spectators are permitted for the Adult Basketball League. 
  5. All participants are required to wear masks while in the Kirksey Recreation Center, including in the bench area and while playing in the adult basketball league.
    1. If a player does not correct their mask if it falls during play, play will be stopped, and the individuals shall be directed to the bench area to fix their mask even if that means the team plays down a player(s). 
    2. The referees have the right to administer technical fouls to a player, manager, or coach, if, in their opinion, the individual continues to wear their mask improperly during the adult basketball league or refuses to fix their mask. 
  6. Sharing of any equipment is highly discouraged. 
  7. Referees must wear masks outside of the times that require them to have access to their whistle to perform their responsibilities of enforcing the rules of the league and sport. 
  8. Each team shall be provided sets of bleachers for their team bench area. 
    1. Social distancing must be observed while in the team bench area. 
    2. New teams are not allowed to access the bench areas until they have been disinfected. 
  9. No pre-game or post-game handshakes will be permitted. 
  10. Games shall be two twenty-minute halves with ten minutes of warmup time prior to games. 
  11. Staff will facilitate the event in such a way to allow social distancing between all persons. 
  12. When social distancing is not possible, activities will be modified to reduce close interaction among participants as much as possible.

Roster and Facility Access

  1. A minimum of seven players or up to a maximum of 13 players on each team. 
  2. All players must be listed on the roster prior to participating in any game. 
  3. All rosters will be locked on Thursday, June 3. 
  4. All teams will have access to the Kirksey Recreation Center Main Gym 2 and locker room 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.
    1. Any individual listed on the team roster with a valid membership can access the Kirksey Recreation Center anytime during open operating hours. 
    2. Any non-member participants must leave the Kirksey Recreation Center within five minutes of the completion of their game and do not have access to the locker room facilities after the game. 
  5. All teams will have ten minutes of warm-up time on the court prior to the game, even if the game pushes the start time past its listed time on the schedule. 
    1. To start early, both team managers and the officials must agree to skip the remaining warm-up time.