How do I challenge a traffic ticket?

Please review the following regarding challenging a traffic ticket:

  • Plead responsible
    • This is an admission of responsibility, and waives your right to be heard in front of the Court. As long as you pay the fine indicated on your ticket, the case will be closed. For information about paying fines, please visit the 16th District Court's page for more information.
  • Plead not responsible
    • If you would like to challenge your traffic ticket, please contact the 16th District Court. The court will then notify you of a hearing date. If you would like a formal hearing, you must indicate so when you contact the court, otherwise you will be scheduled for an informal hearing.
    • Informal hearings are heard in front of a Magistrate. Both you and the citing officer may call witnesses and present testimony; however, you may not have legal representation. The Magistrate will issue a decision.  If you do not agree with the Magistrate’s decision, you can appeal and ask for a formal hearing.
    • In a formal hearing, your case is heard in front of a District Court Judge. The citing officer will be represented by the City of Livonia Law Department, and you can either represent yourself, or hire an attorney.

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