Mayor's Office

Greetings from the Mayor

At the City of Livonia’s 34th Inaugural Ceremony in December 2019, I had the honor of being the 11th mayor to deliver an inaugural address, and the first woman to do so in our city’s 70-year history.

I am deeply honored to serve as the Mayor of Livonia, and I am proud of the work that our team does to serve our residents, businesses and visitors. There is much I am energized to do as your mayor, but perhaps nothing excites me so much as getting to tell our story. We have a compelling story. But like all good stories, it merits a new chapter.  

In this new chapter, we will need to remain unyielding in our efforts to tackle the challenges residents identified in 2019. You said, “Keep us safe, fix our roads and ensure our children succeed.”

To that end, we are prioritizing the issues that matter most to you: addressing our public safety staff shortages, ensuring Livonia receives its fair share of infrastructure funding, building a world-class job and skills training program in Livonia, and implementing Livonia Vision 21, the City’s community-inspired, resident-driven master plan. 

As I shared in our 2021 State of the City speech, we are already making remarkable progress in accomplishing these goals and bringing Livonia Vision 21 to life. 

Our passion to realize our fullest potential will be the mark of our City’s success as we move to embrace the innovation and transformation necessary to make sure Livonia is the city our children come home to. Let’s embrace this opportunity and work hard to realize our biggest dreams. 

Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan

An Update on COVID-19

As we reach summer, it is imperative that all Livonia residents remain vigilant in our fight against COVID-19. Our community has been seriously impacted by the pandemic, and it is vital that Livonia residents continue to follow guidance from medical experts in order to avoid a serious wave of the virus returning.

The City of Livonia will continue to enforce and recommend the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention across our facilities, events and programs. Ensuring Livonia residents follow these guidelines is essential to protecting our City employees, fellow residents and guests.

Mayor Brosnan is proud of how our City has come together in this challenging time. Through the Together Livonia Cares program, the City and its Fire Department helped support long-term care facilities in our community, distributing donated personal protective equipment from corporate partners to those facilities that needed it most. In addition, our Fire Department worked with all the care facilities in the City to encourage best practices for protecting their residents. Our Fire Department, under the excellent leadership of Chief Dave Heavener, has administered well over 15,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to Livonia residents.  

The City distributed more than $125,000 in grants to support 25 Livonia small businesses as they navigated the economic uncertainty of this year. These small businesses, all with fewer than 50 employees, are the backbone of Livonia’s economy, and we are glad we could be there to support them with funding provided to the City through the CARES Act.

This has been a challenging year for the City of Livonia. But with COVID-19 vaccinations now being distributed, there is hope on the horizon. 

Our Work on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Mayor has taken a strong stand in support of ensuring Livonia is an “arms wide open” community. This requires that everyone is treated fairly, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or any other identity. 

Mayor Brosnan’s commitment to this issue has been supported by the advocacy of many in our community.

While deconstructing prejudice and inequality is incredibly difficult work, the Mayor believes diversity and inclusion are vital to the future of Livonia. Community partners like Masco Corporation, St. Mary Mercy Hospital and the Livonia Chamber of Commerce share the view that this work is vital to Livonia’s continued and future success as a community.

So far, the City has moved forward in the following ways:

  • Mayor Brosnan rededicated the Human Relations Commission with a clear mission to work collaboratively with residents and organizations to support fairness, equity, procedural justice, transparency and accountability.
  • The Human Relations Commission has met consistently to continue their work of providing recommendations to Mayor Brosnan about equity and fairness in our City’s services. They have distributed a community survey that has been completed by more than 600 Livonia residents, and they have welcomed diverse groups of community members and organizations to present their views and concerns. 
  • Mayor Brosnan has directed City staff to participate in unconscious bias training to understand how we can better serve all Livonia residents. While some departments and staff had these trainings before, this shared experience will help build a foundation for a more inclusive culture in our City government.
  • The Livonia Police Department, through its Police and Community Together (PACT) program, continues to build on the trust our community has in the LPD through increased data transparency and continued outreach. The Mayor is proud that the Police Department has been a leader in our region in releasing data, setting a standard that we now see neighboring municipalities following. Among other roles, the department’s Office of Professional Standards is assigned to continue to update and improve the PACT website.
  • The Livonia Police Department, through a partnership with Hegira Health, is onboarding two social workers positions, creating a Crisis Support Team aimed at supporting Livonia residents in crisis. 
  • The Mayor, Police Chief and other leaders continue to engage in courageous conversations to keep advancing social justice issues in our community. This includes conversations about how the City can better provide mental health interventions and other social service support. 
  • Mayor Brosnan has also made diversity a priority on our City’s boards and commissions, working to expand participation in these advisory positions. 

Diversity, equity and inclusion are essential values for the Mayor. Our City government is working every day to ensure everyone can feel and be safe in Livonia, while also knowing they are welcomed and valued by our community. Mayor Brosnan is confident in the leadership team serving the City of Livonia, and their continued ability to respond to the needs of our community at this important time.