Annual Report

The City of Livonia has released its 2021 Annual Report, titled Answering the Call. 

Throughout 2021, the City of Livonia faced the challenges of continuing to manage our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and pursue progress on our community’s priorities. 

I am proud to say our City workforce achieved a great deal in answering the call to meet both these goals.

It feels like a long time ago, but this year began with our unprecedented Vaccinate Livonia effort, which saw Livonia Fire and Rescue partner with employees from across our city government to administer a COVID-19 vaccination program that vaccinated nearly 10,000 Livonia residents this past spring. 

This effort occurred alongside our continued outreach and support to those seniors in independent living and long-term care who have faced additional challenges because of the pandemic. 

I am incredibly grateful to all our City employees who contributed to these remarkable efforts. And grateful for our community that has come together to achieve great things over the last year. One effort worth particularly recognizing is the #BeKindLivonia campaign. Our City team is honored to be a part of that great program. 

There’s a seemingly endless amount of work done by our team at the City of Livonia worth celebrating this year. But to highlight just a few, this year saw:

· Significant progress towards filling our public safety personnel shortages. 
· The signing of the Livonia Vision 21 Ordinance.
· The opening of a new Department of Public Works building.
· The launch of new mental health supports for residents of the Livonia Housing Commission.
· The start of our Police Department’s Crisis Support Team.
· The Livonia Public Library’s first annual One City, One Book project.

These are just a handful of accomplishments the City of Livonia delivered for its residents this year, and I know you will learn about many more great achievements in the pages of our 2021 City of Livonia Annual Report.

 - Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan