Annual Report

The City of Livonia has released its 2023 Annual Report, titled "Accelerating the Vision." 

Thank you for taking time to review “Accelerating the Vision: City of Livonia 2023 Annual Report.” You will see highlights of the many ways the more than 600 City employees have worked to accelerate the city’s progress by providing positive connections in the lives of our residents.

 This report is a celebration of their collective achievements. Here are some notable accomplishments:

- We raised the money needed to build a new Livonia Senior Wellness Center that will provide more safe, accessible activity space for our growing senior population with the help of federal, state and county partners. We are excited to break ground in 2024 on this new facility, which will be attached to the Kirksey Recreation Center. This project is the catalyst for the resident-built dream of a vibrant, bikeable, walkable downtown/civic center at the corner of Five Mile and Farmington Roads called Livonia Vision 21.

- In the aftermath of several prolonged power outages, our Leadership Team engaged DTE Energy executives via in-person meetings and continuous follow-up to advocate for more reliable electrical service for their customers in Livonia. As a result, DTE developed and shared plans to patrol, inspect, replace equipment and trim trees to improve service at the eight worst-performing circuits across the city. We also ensured that DTE prioritized the city’s critical assets – public safety, senior and congregate care facilities – and identified prime contacts to quickly connect on any future issues.  Additionally, DTE committed to bury electric lines and install larger, stronger poles.

- If you drove past Bicentennial Park last year, I hope you stopped to enjoy the new Ben Celani Play Area, designed for kids of all ages and abilities. We celebrated the new park with a ribbon cutting in May against the backdrop of children laughing and playing at the new barrier-free, fully accessible play area. A senior fitness structure and extended paved parking lot were also part of the intergenerational project, with a restroom being installed in November and a pavilion being added this coming year. In addition to the accessibility, the play area provides more level footing by featuring artificial turf instead of natural grass. This project, made possible in large part due to a generous donation from the Celani Family and a grant from Wayne County, is one of the first of its kind in Michigan.

- We have made great strides in hiring on many fronts, with a focus on adding more police officers and firefighters. In 2023, we also filled two critical Leadership positions, welcoming Kristen Edson as our new Library Director and bringing back Jim Inglis as Interim Director of Livonia Housing.

I invite you to take a look at the following pages for a glimpse at all we have achieved. And join me as we continue to accelerate the vision four our City’s future growth and development.

- Mayor Maureen Miller Brosnan