Snow Removal


The SnowPaths website allows residents to see the areas where City plow trucks are working and where they have been.

Snow And Ice Removal Program

Each year the snow and ice control program for City streets is evaluated for ways to reduce increasing costs while maintaining service. The Wayne County Department of Public Services maintains most of the mile roads within the City. The City of Livonia is responsible for maintaining approximately 360 miles of neighborhood streets. For the majority of the winter, the emphasis is on salt spreading and snow plowing the City streets that have been designated as Primary Routes. These routes along with the Secondary Routes are the main connector streets through subdivisions that provide residents access to a serviced road within a quarter-mile.

Weather Predictions

Each snowfall creates unique circumstances with decisions based on snowfall amounts and weather predictions. Conditions can vary from one area of the city to another. The Public Service Division follows the developing weather and road conditions carefully, evaluates maintenance needs, and mobilizes personnel and equipment to respond accordingly. Road conditions are inspected by supervisory personnel. Additionally, the Livonia Police Department monitors road conditions after normal working hours and notifies appropriate Public Service Division supervisory personnel to respond to hazardous driving conditions.


The following guidelines are used to address a snow or ice event. Local streets maintained by the City are classified into three categories: primary routes, secondary routes, and levels of snowfall.

Snow and Ice Control Map

Primary Routes

The Primary Routes are through streets that are considered arterial roads. These streets are salted and plowed on an as-needed basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Secondary Routes

The Secondary Routes are streets that are serviced Monday through Friday or otherwise when necessary, thereby providing a serviced street within a quarter of a mile of most residents.

The remaining neighborhood streets are dealt with on an as-needed basis. 

Levels of Snowfall

Level I: Light Snowfall
For snowfalls of approximately four inches or less, priorities are:

  • Keep primary routes as clear a possible with an emphasis on salt spreading, with plowing possible as needed.
  • Secondary routes are maintained Monday through Friday with salt spreading and/or plowing as needed after emergency primary routes are complete.

Level II: Moderate Snowfall: 
With the accumulation of approximately four to eight inches, a snow emergency may be declared, especially if mixed with rain or if heavy drifting occurs.) Priorities are to clear all primary routes and secondary routes, then clear all remaining City streets, including cul-de-sacs, dead ends and service drives, curb to curb within approximately thirty hours after the end of the storm. The following will occur:

  • All city streets will be plowed.
  • Snow removal equipment will work around the clock.
  • Residents will be expected to move all vehicles from the streets to expedite snow removal.

Level III: Major Snow Storm: Accumulation in excess of eight inches has the same response as Level II, with the recognition that completion of city-wide plowing will require more time depending on the severity of the storm. A snow emergency will be declared that will require all parked vehicles are to be removed from the roadway until the roadway is cleared.

Livonia Code of Ordinances: 10.63.060

The time limit for removal of parked vehicles or trailers-Impoundment conditions. 
Within six hours after notice of snow, an alert has been given, any motor vehicle or trailer parked on any street, road or avenue with the city shall be removed. Any vehicle or trailer parked on any street, road or avenue in violation of the provisions of this section may be removed and impounded by order of the police department and the owner shall be required to pay towing, impounding and storage costs prior to the return of the vehicle or trailer in addition to any fines and costs which may be assessed for the violation of this chapter. (Ordinance Number 2794, § 4; Ordinance Number 1666 § 1, 1982: Ordinance Number 1551 § 1 (part), 1980: prior code § 6-906).

Further Information on Snow Removal

  • Call the Public Service Division at (734) 466-2655 for the current status of the snow and ice control during each winter storm.
  • The City will broadcast on the Livonia Television Channel when a snow emergency is declared. Channel 203 on Spectrum, Channel 10 on WOW or Channel 99 on AT&T U-verse. They will announce when all the City streets are being plowed during substantial snowfalls.
  • Listen for the Michigan Emergency Patrol announcements on many radio stations.
  • Visit the City's Facebook page.
  • Visit the City's home page.