Assessment Department

Dear Homeowners, Taxpayers Realtors and Title Companies

For the safety of our residents and continued protection of our workers, the City of Livonia Assessment Department will maintain procedures for accepting your Property Transfer Affidavit, Principal Residence Exemption and Rescission of the Principal Residence Exemption through the following methods:

United State Post Office – mail them to our office at the following address:

City of Livonia
Attn: Assessment Department
33000 Civic Center Drive
Livonia, MI 48154

Dropbox outside City Hall located on the east side of the building. Mail is checked daily.

Email to the Assessment Department at

If you would like proof of acceptance for your stamped document, please provide us with an additional copy of the document and a self-addressed envelope, and we will send the stamped copy back to you via postal mail.

The City of Livonia will continue these processes for all functions of the Assessment Department.  The City of Livonia appreciates your patience as we all navigate through these difficult times.  If you have any questions regarding these procedures or any other assessment-related issue, please contact our office at (734) 466-2220.

Department Information

The Assessing Department is responsible for the valuation of all residential, commercial, industrial, and personal property in the City of Livonia and answers inquiries from current residents, prospective home-buyers, and all members of the property purchasing process.

Inquiries with the Assessor’s office include:

  • Legal descriptions and lot sizes
  • Lot splits and combinations
  • Ownership of property
  • Personal property
  • Property tax estimates
  • Qualifications for filing of State exemptions
  • Disabled Veterans Exemptions


The City of Livonia has an ongoing review program of residential, commercial, and industrial properties to update record card data for accuracy to estimate uniform and equitable property valuations. The field staff will visit each property to verify measurements, and all attributes essential to the valuation process. All Assessment Department employees will be properly identifiable while in the field.

Answers to these types of inquiries and more can be found in the FAQ section of this page.


In the City of Livonia, the Assessor’s department would like to remind you of the deadline for filing a Principal Residence Exemption (P.R.E/Homestead) Affidavit. A valid affidavit filed on or before June 1 allows an owner to receive a PRE on the current year summer and winter tax levy and subsequent tax levies so long as it remains the owner’s principal residence. A valid affidavit filed after June 1 and on or before November 1 allows an owner to receive a PRE on the current winter tax levy and subsequent tax levies so long as it remains the owner’s principal residence.

Small Business Owners

In the State of Michigan, small business owners with a Personal Property True Cash Value of $80,000 or less are encouraged to file the L-5076 Small Business Property Tax Exemption. 

All state documents and city of Livonia forms can be found below under the "Homeowners," and "Business Owners" tabs.

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  2. Business Owners