Historical Resources


Briggs Cemetery (PDF)
Clarenceville Cemetery (PDF)
Livonia Center Cemetery (PDF)
Newburg Cemetery (PDF)
History of Livonia Villages (PDF)
Livonia Roads: How They Got Their Names (PDF)
Henry Ford and the Nankin Mills Area (PDF)
The Ryders (PDF)
One Hundred Years of Making Maple Syrup on the Ryder Farm (PDF)
Cheese Factories in Livonia (PDF)
History of Perrinville (PDF)

Books available for purchase at Greenmead

Footpaths to Freeways: The Story of Livonia by Dominic P. Paris
Livonia Preserved: Greenmead and Beyond by Suzanne Daniel and Kathleen Glynn
Livonia Public Schools 1830-2002 by Martha A Trafford
Holiday Cookbook printed by the Livonia Historical Society

Booklets available for purchase at Greenmead

The Ryder Family by Leonard Servetter
The Story of Greenmead
The Meeting House by Ruth Knight
The Newburg Intersection by Ruth Knight
The Big House on the Hill
The Heritage of Livonia edited by Dominic P. Paris


Livonia 1855
Livonia 1860
Livonia 1893

Wayne County 1827
Wayne County 1829
Wayne County 1833
Wayne County 1834
Wayne County 1835
Wayne County 1855
Wayne County 1860

Livonia maps from 1876, 1898, 1904, c. 1910, 1925, 1936, and 1942 are available for viewing at the Greenmead Office.


The Livonian Newspaper from 1942-1947

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