Emergency Alert System

Outdoor Emergency Alert Siren at the Kirksey Recreation Center

As a component of the City’s Emergency Alert System (EAS), Livonia has upgraded our outdoor warning sirens. The outdoor warning siren system consists of nineteen outdoor sirens strategically placed throughout the city. Upgrades to the system were completed during the spring of 2017. The upgraded outdoor warning system is expected to provide a significant upgrade in performance, coverage and reliability compared to the twenty-year-old prior configuration of nine sirens that were replaced. Please Note: The sirens primary purpose is to alert people who are outside to severe weather, hazardous materials, or other emergencies. The system is not designed to provide notification inside of your home or business.

The emergency sirens are activated from the Public Safety Communications Center. Monthly tests are conducted on the first Saturday of every month at 1p.m. Tests of the siren system are expected to last approximately one minute. During a real emergency, the sirens will sound for a minimum of three minutes and may sound multiple times.

While summer weather often means fair skies and warm sunshine for Livonia, it can also bring the threat of severe weather, including tornadoes. During threatening skies, or if you hear the emergency warning sirens at any time other than 1 p.m. on the month’s first Saturday, citizens are encouraged to tune into local TV or radio stations for the latest information and instructions.

The City of Livonia maintains a local emergency radio station at AM 1670. During an emergency, important information can be broadcast on AM 1670, as well as on Livonia Television channel 8.