Treasurer's Office

Notice to all city of livonia regarding 2019 rEAL PROPERTY TAXES

Lynda L. Scheel, City Treasurer, would like to notify all Livonia property owners that the Winter tax bills, which were issued on December 1, 2019 will now be payable without interest through Monday, March 2, 2020. To assist our property owners, partial payments are still accepted throughout this time period.  

Both Summer and Winter real property tax bills are payable to the City of Livonia Treasurer through Monday, March 2, 2020.

Beginning Tuesday, March 3, 2020 both Winter and Summer 2019 Real Property Taxes MUST be paid to the Wayne County Treasurer. Further information may be found on the back of your tax bill or on the Tax and Payment Information section of the Treasurer’s office page.


The Treasurer’s Department is responsible for collection, disbursement and custody of all revenues belonging to and held in trust by the City. All funds collected by city agencies are transmitted to the Treasurer where they are verified, deposited and entered into the City’s financial records. Based on direction from the Finance Director, the Treasurer’s Department transmits instructions to various financial institutions for the daily investment of City funds to maximize the interest on its holdings.

Based on information provided by the City Assessor, the Treasurer issues the real and personal property tax bills to the property and business owners in the City of Livonia on July 1 and December 1. The Treasurer collects the property taxes and distributes them to:

  • City of Livonia
  • Clarenceville Public Schools
  • Livonia Public Schools
  • Schoolcraft College
  • State of Michigan (Education Tax)
  • Wayne County
  • Wayne County RESA
  • Various other taxing entities

Delinquent Taxes

Delinquent real property taxes are turned over to the Wayne County Treasurer for collection. The Livonia Treasurer collects delinquent personal property taxes. 

Special Assessments

The Treasurer’s Department issues and collects special assessments in the City. Requests for special assessments on a parcel must be faxed to the Treasurer’s Department at (734) 421-7230.