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Eagle Scout Project Application

  1. Livonia Parks and Recreation receives many requests for Eagle Scout Projects. We are happy to assist with a project's development and execution if the project is appropriate and benefits our parks system.

    Please note that Eagle Scout candidates must allow a minimum of 6 months to complete the project. Livonia will not accept emergency projects due to a scout's upcoming 18 birthday. 

    We welcome and encourage project proposals where a scout has identified a need in a park. If you need suggestions for a project, we have a list of ideas to discuss. Discuss the project with your troop leaders and parent/guardian to ensure the project is appropriate and meets Eagle Scout requirements. After these steps have been completed, fill out and submit the form below. A project manager will contact you to discuss your proposal and project plan moving forward. 

    *This form MUST be filled out by the scout, not a parent/guardian.*

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