Arts Commission Scholarship information


Must be a current resident of the City of Livonia
- Be a college student or a high school graduate in the school year you will be applying and will be studying in the field of FINE ARTS in that school year.


- Acceptance as a full-time student at an accredited college or university. (Must provide verification of current enrollment  and be prepared to furnish course plan of credits.)

- Copy of high school/college transcripts: to be included with complete application packet.

- Three recommendations are required to be included with the complete application packet
      one from a current teacher
      one from employer, clergy, private instructor or coach
      one from a non-related individual

- Finalists will be asked to submit examples of their work. 

- A complete package of all pertinent papers must be submitted at the same time in one envelope.  No exceptions!


Please check the application for the deadline date.  No late or incomplete applications will be considered.                          

Mail Arts Commission Scholarship Application to
Livonia Arts Commission Scholarship Committee
33000 Civic Center Drive
Livonia, MI 48154