Rosedale Commercial Area


The Rosedale Subdivision is an older, well maintained and stable residential area on the south side of Plymouth Road. Small commercial properties on shallow depth lots run along the frontage of Plymouth Road in this area. The corridor concept design includes Plymouth Road between Cranston and Berwick Streets.

This residential area is identified on Plymouth Road by the unique field stone pylons and wrought iron fences at each side street. The low scale, neighborhood quality of the commercial buildings reflects the residential character of the subdivision.  Several of the commercial parking lots are directly accessible from the side street.


The proposed concept involves the use of residential street "restrictions" or the use of the roadway and associated right-of-way for "no-through" vehicular traffic movements. In this case, the selected side streets within the commercial zone of the neighborhood would be closed to vehicular traffic and the property captured for use as off-street parking. To screen the parking from adjacent residential properties, the installation of a brick screen wall and landscaping would be employed.  Northbound residential traffic would be diverted to an improved one-way alley system behind the commercial properties to access Plymouth Road via the next side street.

The commercial area along Plymouth Road would be improved with street trees and corridor lighting. Neighborhood identification signs would be installed within the right-of-way denoting the "Old Rosedale Gardens" and street names.