Swim Lessons

The City of Livonia strives to have the best swim lesson program in the area! We have combined the best aspects of other Learn to Swim programs into our own custom program to emphasize parent involvement, safety, and small instructor-to-child ratios. For more information, please call (734) 466-2900.

About Swim Lesson Class Days & Times

For an up to date listing of current or upcoming swim lessons please refer to the Aquatics Section in the Parks and Recreation Connections magazine for a detailed listing of class fees, days, and times. Below is a list of class levels and descriptions. Pre-Registration is required as space is limited. Must register online or at the Kirksey Recreation Center.

Swim Lesson Class Descriptions

Aqua Infants Ages 6 to 18 Months

This is a water orientation class for parents and infants. Goals include water adjustment, getting in/out, safety awareness, and water play with toys and socialization.

Aqua Tots Ages 18 Parent and tot swim lesson Months to 3 Years

This is a water orientation class for parents and toddlers. Goals include basic water readiness skills, getting in/out, safety reminders, water play with toys and equipment, and group activities.

Parent Preschool Ages 3 to 5

Parents will accompany children in the water. Goals include transitioning the child into a class without the parent present, practice of fundamental skills, and safety reminders. Lessons are designed to make learning fun.

Water Basics Ages 3 to 12

No prerequisites. Due to COVID-19 this class now requires a parent to present to reduce hands-on interaction between instructor and student.  Goals include comfort in the water, going underwater, basic swimming propulsion, and safety reminders. Lessons are designed to make learning fun.

Yellow Group Ages 3 to 12

Prerequisite: Must be able to put the whole head underwater and retrieve an object from the bottom of the pool. Goals include floating on front and back, basic swimming propulsion with flotation aids, and safety reminders.

Red Group Ages 3 to 12

Prerequisite: Independently float on their front and back. Goals include basic swimming propulsion without flotation aids and safety reminders.

White Group Ages 3 to 12

Prerequisite: Swim freestyle with rotary breathing and backstroke one width (30 feet) of the leisure pool. Goals include mastering breathing of freestyle and will introduce breaststroke and butterfly.

Blue Group 3 to 12

Prerequisites: Must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with rotary breathing and 25 yards of backstroke. Must be able to swim 30 feet of breaststroke and butterfly. Goals include mastering butterfly and breaststroke and improving efficiency of freestyle and backstroke.

Star Group Ages 3 to 12

Prerequisites: Must be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly with one minute of rest permitted between strokes. This is a technique and drill-based class.

Teen Group ages 13-17

Prerequisites: Swim freestyle and backstroke with an understanding of butterfly and breaststroke.

Adult Swim Lessons Ages 18+

The class will focus on comfort in the water, body movements, beginning stroke technique. Participants may also work to improve stroke technique and endurance.

Aquatic Area Rules

  • Youth 11 and under must be directly supervised by a responsible person at least 16 years of age. Non-swimmers must have an adult in the pool within arms reach at all times.
  • Avoid water activities if you have had diarrhea or contagious disease in the past two weeks.
  • Showers are required before entering the pool.
  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear tight-fitting plastic pants over a cloth or swim diaper.
  • An appropriate bathing suit is required for swimming. Please no tee shirts or street clothes in the water.
  • Lazy River and Water Slide riders under 48 inches tall must be accompanied by a parent or responsible person at least 16 years.
  • Lap Swim -You may need to share your lane with other swimmers. Remember to circle swim, always staying to the right side.
  • Only life jackets or flotation devices built into the bathing suit are allowed (non-inflatable). The use of these items requires parent/guardian to be within arms reach of the youth at all times. Toys may not be brought into or used in the pools.
  • Food/drink not permitted in the pool area. Plastic water bottles only. Gum is prohibited.