Water Main Replacements 

(2023/2024)   Project Areas 7, 8  & 9

The City of Livonia is working to improve drinking water infrastructure identified in the Water System Master Plan submitted in 2019 with the assistance of OHM Advisors and obtained funding for Drinking Water Revolving Funding to replace approximately 2.3 miles of 8-inch and 0.9 miles of 12-inch water main. We are working closely with OHM Advisors, who will provide Construction Inspection in conjunction with the DPW Water Department to successfully complete this project which will result in replacing aging water main infrastructure, improving water quality, replacing water meters, providing additional fire hydrants for fire protection and upgrading numerous domestic service leads from the newly installed water main to the shutoff at the property line. 

The contractor for all three (3) project areas is Murphy Pipeline Contractors, LLC, and work commenced in early August for the approximately $5.42 million in water main replacements. Residents in Project Area 7 were sent a notification letter prior to any work providing information on what to expect during construction in Fall 2023. There was contact information for the Inspector from OHM Advisors who was assisting the City of Livonia Engineering Department.

Please contact the Engineering Department at (734) 466-2571 regarding the overall water main replacements from the hours of 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We request you provide your name, address and phone number so we may contact you.