Street Repair

annual Pavement Repair Program

 The 2024 Road Repair program will be the second year of the 10-year renewal millage that was approved in August 2022 by voters.  The Department of Public Works evaluates the condition of the City’s roads and prepares a proposal to be approved by the Livonia City Council. Interested citizens are invited to communicate their concerns at the Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Roads annual public hearing held prior to approval. Consultants then prepare, plan and administer the program according to specifications.

Road repair Categories

Road repairs are divided into three (3) categories: 

  • Maintenance
  • Reconstruction
  • Rehabilitation

Pavement Surface Evaluation & Rating (PASER)

Based on the Pavement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) determines the treatment techniques. PASER Rating is based on a number system, 1 through 10 with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best. Other factors along with the PASER Rating to determine the locations for repair include the following proposed water main or sanitary sewer maintenance or replacements, tree removal and replacements and other road proposed improvements by the Michigan Department of Transportation or Wayne County in the vicinity.

PASER Maps (36 Sections) within the City of Livonia, current as of September 2022. Maps are updated every two years, in the fall. An article from Michigan’s Local Technical Assistance Program (LTAP) (PDF) from July 2010 describes the PASER Rating and the numbers. Guidelines for Concrete (PDF) and Asphalt (PDF) PASER Descriptions for Rating are provided for reference. 


The total cost of the 2023 Road Repair program was budgeted at $9.83 million. The asphalt program consisted of $3.8 million in repairs, the concrete program consisted of $4.4 million and the concrete maintenance program in the amount of $1.6 million in repairs. Please see the Road Repair Program Map in the upper right-hand corner Paving Program Map 2023. The Asphalt, Contract 23-A and Concrete (Contracts 23-C and 23-J) Road Repair schedules are placed in the upper right-hand corner. For concerns or additional information on the road projects, please contact the Engineering Division at (734) 466-2571.


In the upper right hand corner is the proposed Asphalt and Concrete 2024 Paving Program Map and the 2024 Alpha List of street segments for consideration. There are 59 street segments identified for repair. The major roads proposed for repair in 2024 are: Lyndon Road (Lyons Avenue to West Harrison Road), Laurel Park Drive North (Six Mile Road to Laurel Court), and West Chicago Road (Harrison Road to Inkster Road) with concrete reconstruction.


Total reconstruction of a road segment consists of removal and replacement for both concrete and asphalt and requires a PASER Rating 1 to 3. Underdrains will be provided to reduce water from below the ground and prolong the pavement life. Sidewalk ramps will be provided meeting American Disability Acts (ADA) compliance.


For both concrete and asphalt roads, rehabilitation consists of the removal and replacement of failed sections of concrete or asphalt road and the placement of a 2.5-inch asphalt cap or pulverizing existing asphalt pavement and placing a 3-inch asphalt cap. Based on the cross-section for asphalt roads consisting of concrete curb and gutter, sections of the deteriorated concrete curb will be identified and removed, especially near drainage structures in order to provide positive drainage. New drainage structure inlets/covers will be provided in the areas of replacement.


For concrete roads, maintenance techniques consist of the removal and replacement of selective sections of concrete road segments typically consisting of less than 30% of the total road segment. In some areas, underdrain will be placed and trees removed to accommodate this treatment. For asphalt roads, maintenance techniques consist of the placement of a 1.5-inch asphalt cap over a road segment with minimal if any removal, including crack repairs.