Please be aware that surveyors from the City’s Engineering Consultant, OHM Advisors, will be in the neighborhoods near Seven Mile and Inkster Roads to obtain survey information for a possible water main replacement project. Preliminary surveying will be completed by the middle of January so that we are able to develop drawings for permitting a possible 2021/2022 project. Surveying work will be focused within the City right-of-way, but surveyors may enter front yards to locate house corners and other features to be shown on the drawings. Once preliminary plans are completed we will be mailing more detailed information to residents to notify them of proposed work and schedules. Please see the attached map for more specific street locations.


The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works:

  • Inspects public construction work
  • Prepares plans and specifications and administers contracts for the City’s public improvement projects
  • Processes permits for work within the public right-of-way
  • Reviews plans for public improvements


  • Permit Questions: (734) 466-2571
  • Plan Review: (734) 466-2574
  • Public Utility Information: (734) 466-2576
  • Transportation Permits for Over Weight/Over Width Load: (734) 466-2571

Request a service from the Engineering Department.