Field Rentals

Athletic Fields & Courts Hours:  10 am – dusk
Lit Fields: 10 am – 11 pm, all lights must be off by 11 pm

  1. Rentals must include any set up and clean up time for the group/event to have access to fields/facilities. 
  2. The rental permit must always be carried with the permit holder during the event.
  3. Permit only assures use of the field/facility permitted and not exclusive use of the park.
  4. Alcoholic beverages, including beer, are prohibited at all athletic fields.
  5. Parking must be shared by all park patrons and will be used on a first come, first serve basis. 
  6. All fields are limited to a maximum of 2 teams at any given time
  7. In case of adverse field conditions, rentals may be cancelled by the Livonia Parks & Recreation Department.


Type of Field or CourtResident CostNon-Resident 
Lit, Fenced Diamond$30/hour$50/hour
Fenced Diamond$25/hour$40/hour
Standard Ball Diamond $20/hour$35/hour
Soccer Field$20/hour$35/hour
Sand Volleyball Court$20/hour$35/hour
  • Resident: Organization or responsible party that resides in the city of Livonia 
  • Non-Resident: Responsible party or organization that resides outside the city of Livonia, whether they are sponsored by a Livonia resident or not.
  • Bicentennial Park Diamonds 1-3 and Ford Field Diamonds 1-3 are the only lit diamonds scheduled by Livonia Parks and Recreation. 
  • Light fees are $45/hour and will be added on after the rental is complete.

Questions can be directed to Ethan Engel at 

Organizations and individuals looking to rent ball diamonds, soccer fields, or sand volleyball courts through Livonia Parks and Recreation must submit the appropriate online application (see below) at least five days in advance of their requested start date. 

Once inside five days, Livonia Parks and Recreation will not permit any requests. 

Livonia Parks & Recreation encourages interested parties to reserve space for their events so the fields and facilities may be properly prepared and maintained.

The ball diamonds, soccer fields, and sand volleyball courts are available to rent from April 15 through October 31. The maintenance of these fields and facilities will be on a limited basis before May 1st and after September 30th

  1. Applications will be reviewed in the following order: 
    1. Livonia Parks and Recreation Sponsored Organizations
    2. Past year resident rentals 
    3. Past year non-resident rentals 
    4. New resident rentals 
    5. New non-resident rentals
2024 Field Rental Applications

Ball Diamond 
Rental Application

Opens Jan. 15, 2024
Opens Jan. 29, 2024
Opens, Feb. 26, 2024

Livonia Parks and Recreation holds the right to refuse use of space if not available or the activity for which the rental is requested is objectionable. 

All facility reservations must be at least one (1) hour in length. Applications are approved once a permit has been generated for the reservation. The permit grants the team or group use of the facility stated date & time. 

Once an organization has submitted a rental application and it has been approved, they may contact the Athletic Coordinator directly to obtain additional dates, if needed. 

Any organization or individual submitting a rental application that intends to use the space as a fundraiser or charge admission to their event must receive Parks and Recreation Commission approval through the completion of a special use application in addition to the rental application. 


Livonia Parks and Recreation will take rental applications for baseball and softball tournaments at Bicentennial Park and/or Ford Field for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from May 4 to Oct. 27. 

Organizations and individuals must submit an application for each tournament weekend they are looking to rent. All applications must be submitted online. 

Applications will be reviewed in the following order: 

  1. Livonia Parks and Recreation Sponsored Organizations
  2. Past year resident rentals 
  3. Past year non-resident rentals 
  4. New resident rentals 
  5. New non-resident rentals

If the tournament application is approved, a $200 deposit is due within two weeks of approval to hold any and all tournament dates. Any tournament wanting to have external vendors on-site must complete a special use application at least six weeks in advance of their first tournament. 

Tournaments can start as early as 9 a.m. and all games must be complete by 11 p.m. each day. Livonia Parks and Recreation shall provide all bases and pitching rubbers for approved tournaments. 

Tournament Rental Application & Information


  • Bicentennial Park (PDF)
  • Ford Field (PDF)
  • Rotary Park (PDF)
    • Rotary Park ball diamonds are leased to the Livonia Junior Athletic League (LJAL). 
    • Those diamonds are open for drop-in use unless a coach, team, or individual affiliated with LJAL appears with a permit. 
    • Once the permit is shown, the team dropping in must vacate the field for the permit to be used.


  • Who should I contact if the field is located at a school? 
    • Requests for reservations on school-owned properties must be submitted to the Board of Education
    • Contact the Community Education Office at (734) 744-2605.
  • Where can I find out updates regarding weather cancellations
    • Weather Hotline: (734) 466-2299
    • The weather hotline will be updated by 4 p.m. daily regarding cancellations made by the Parks & Recreation Department. 
    • If there is no update regarding your rental or activity on the hotline, it is on the individual/organization running their programs to notify their participants. 
  • If I rent a field, what equipment do I need to provide? 
    • Livonia Parks & Recreation will provide the goals, nets and lining on all soccer fields. It is up to the individual team/organization to provide the remaining equipment needed (corner flags, balls, etc.). 
    • Depending upon the ball diamond, you may need to provide bases. The Athletic Coordinator will be able to provide you with more information. 
    • All other equipment and staffing (umpires, bats, balls, etc.) must be provided by the organization.