Citizens Road Advisory Committee

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To promote the efficient use of road milage funds and provide Livonia residents with an avenue to express their thoughts and concerns.


To be a leading community in southeast Michigan in regards to road funding, asset management, planning for the efficient use of acquired funding, and resident involvement and transparency.


  • Karl Kevra (Chair)                         
  • Connie Boadway                          
  • Tom Carey                                      
  • Brett Gierak                                    
  • George Gostias                              
  • David Green 
  •  John Grzebik 
  • Kathy Hoen 
  • Andrea Kolhoff 
  • Dennis Wright 


The Livonia Citizen’s Road Advisory Committee was created in 2002 to ensure road milage funds are utilized for street repairs across Livonia’s 36 square miles, to maintain over 372 miles of road under the jurisdiction of Livonia.


Meetings as needed.

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(734) 466-2570.


In accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act as it pertains to access to Public Meetings, the City Clerk’s Office of the City of Livonia, upon adequate notice, will make reasonable accommodations for persons with special needs. If you need assistance, please call (734) 466-2236 or email the Clerk.